About Us !
  • 1- At Campbellpur, we believe in the values of honesty, integrity and responsibility. We are progressive farmers, who are passionate about what we do. Our brand is not just a label, it represents generations of inherited values and goodwill!

  • 2- It hurts us to notice the the current state of our food supply, which has been, to varying degrees, compromised! The state control over the monitoring of our food supplies is very weak, whereas greed is rampant in the society, leading to unscrupulous practices, unsafe, unhygienic supply chain.

  • 3- Perishable consumables are being adulterated, contaminated, or fiddled with and the consumer finds themselves at the mercy of reckless profitiers damaging the health and the wealth of our nation!

  • 4- We have therefore decided to cut out the middleman and to do it ourselves! We have taken charge of the supply chain right from: the sowing seeds or - hatching or laying of the eggs or - feeding animals and birds for meat or milk To harvesting, handling or packing, and delivering them straight to consumers at homes and outlets.

  • 5- Our ambition is to be recognised as the best brand in food and we understand that to earn the trust of a loyal, quality-based, customer base, we’d have to adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards compromises on the quality of our products and services! We’re in it for the long haul…

  • 6- Finally, it is the patronage of not only our customers but our staff and suppliers that keep us going! We treat everyone working with us with integrity and respect. We pay fairly and generously, treat all our animals and birds with tender and loving care.

  • 7- We’d love to hear from you on anything that we do and should do